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Advice from Alumni

Read through advice from former San Dimas High School Saint's. Many of them have encountered the same questions and college/career decisions as you. Their advice is meaningful and purposeful to help guide you into the future!

Hailey Ortiz 

Don’t procrastinate, create a schedule of what you need to do within that week. For real it really helps. Don’t be shy to ask questions too, seriously does help. If you have a disability, you can get help through the school too. To be honest, college is wayyyyy harder than high school (if you have a full time schedule), so just be organized and don’t worry, you will get the hang of it. Also it’s really fun! Cause you are doing the things you love :)

- Class of 2020

Niko Parham

Your habits and knowledge now are everything in the real world. The more you know and the more you understand the better you will be off. 

- Class of 2020

Lexi Jusino

The beauty of growing up is just that. It’s hard, but in the end, it’ll be worth it. You don’t have to have your entire life perfectly planned out right now. If you don’t know what to do, that’s okay. Trial and Error now and you’ll figure it out.


- Class of 2020

Southern Utah University 

Aviation/Media Communications

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Alexandria DeTamble

Simone Duran-Nyers

Do what makes you happy because someone is always going to have an opinion against what you want for yourself. Trust yourself completely.

- Class of 2019

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Marina Wilson

Take your time figuring out what you wanna do, don't be pressured into something you're not sure about. Have fun after high school, don't grow up fast. It's okay to be unsure because you'll figure it out. If you are sure what you wanna do, have fun and do everything possible. Also be a good person and understand yourself and others. Good luck on your future.

- Class of 2019


Make sure you stay focused but don’t stress too hard. Have fun and make it worth while, everything works out in the end.

- Class of 2020


Veterinary Science 

Ivan Salcedo

I want everybody to know that it doesnt matter how bad you did in highschool, you can still get an eductation and study the career you want. I had terrible grades at SDHS, so i decided to go to a community college (citrus college). When i got there, I set a goal for myself. I wanted to transfer to a great music program at a university. For the next 2 years, I took advantage of the tutoring options at Citrus, turned in all my assignments, and passed all my classes. Fall 2020 comes around and I start applying to a handful of schools, and eventually i get accepted into my top school, which is San Diego State. Going to a unviersity and getting your bachelors is possible, some people have different paths to that goal. Trust me, I know some of you dont want to go to community because to some people its "not real college" or "baby college", but I gotten so much help from the people on my campus and got an education at a much lower price than my friends at 4 year universities. Community College helped me reach another step closer to my goal.

- Class of 2019

Citrus College/San Diego State 

Ethan Du

Go to community college!
It's a fraction of the price, look into the promise program. Fomo is real and your going to watch your friends move out and have fun, but education is great in california no matter where you end up. During covid times I can't imagine paying for this kind of education, let alone tens of thousands of dollars. Listen to yourself and do what you want to do, just know if you don't get in to your dream college, you have a second opportunity with community college for a fraction of the price.

- Class of 2019

Citrus College


Cruz Hernandez

“My advice to the class of 2021 is to ask questions! Never be afraid to ask questions or to reach out to your counselors. When I was in your position I had so many questions and I simply reached out to my counselors and they guided me to make the right choice. Plan ahead, this is your future!”


- Class of 2020

CSU, Fullerton

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Kathryn Cunningham

one thing I've learned after graduating is that I'm no longer a kid and I need to start being an adult. Just because you graduate and are considered a legal adult doesn't mean you're free to do whatever you want. If you want to be treated like an adult then prove that you are one. For everyone that's going into the military remember that once you graduate from basic training and AIT you will be treated as an adult even if you're not ready for it. Don't make stupid mistakes they will follow you for the rest of your military career as well as your civilian one. Make your mistakes while your still in training those disappear after you graduate. above all just enjoy life.

- Class of 2020

US Army

IMG_1626 - Katie Cunningham.JPG

Alexis Gonzalez

Keep trying your hardest. I know college was the end goal of high school, but it’s just the beginning of your future. Study hard in all of your classes, keep up with your homework, and do your best..

- Class of 2020

UC Riverside


Jack Vo

Step outside of your bubble and try new things because we are young right now and it is okay to fail, as long as you keep striving to become better.

- Class of 2019

University of the Pacific


Alissa Perez

- Do not be ashamed of going to a community college, even if you were accepted into a four year university
- Go and talk to a counselor over summer and at least once every semester
- Take the amount of courses you feel most comfortable with, you do not want to have too much of a heavy load especially in your first semester
- It is okay if you do not know your major right away, everyone in college ends up changing majors at least once in their college career

- Class of 2020

Citrus College


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Sam Smith

My advice is for artists specifically but also nonartists can take something away from what I have to say. One of the biggest things I learned from college so far is that what I thought I wanted going in, may not be what I want half way through. And that is okay. It is totally okay to change your mind and grow and explore other specialties and areas that interest you. For example, I went into school doing strictly musical theatre but have since expanded to opera performance and classical training as well, which is something I never thought of before college. College is an amazing way to broaden your horizons and explore things you’ve never thought of. It’s a scary process jumping into college and having your views and goals change but don’t be afraid to explore and discover new things about yourself. College is one of the best places to learn about who you are and who you want to be. Also don’t forget to shoot your shot, if there’s something you want to do, just go for it! Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Go to tryouts/auditions/ join the club, take the random elective. Do what you want! Keep on track but remember that college is for you to broaden your mind which won’t happen if you spend all your time on gen eds only. Have fun! Let loose! Discover who you are! (I added a fun photo that shows what theatre school is like) (I have many more)

- Class of 2019

Performing Arts College

Musical Theatre Performance

Kat Osorio

Wherever you go after high school, find things that make you happy. Life can become overwhelming at times so having something to keep your mind out of all the chaos can help relieve whatever starts tumbling down on you. Also, don't rush. I would always always think about my future and ask "when will I get there?", but now I think you should focus more on the process to getting there because that is what will ultimately determine how things will go for you. In difficult times like these, some people struggle hard trying to figure out what to do because of the current circumstances and such and I'm here to say that it's okay to take extra time to figure things out if you need it. Everything will turn out okay and you will get to where you're supposed to be. Congrats '21!<3

- Class of 2019

Citrus College